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A Stitch in Time

This exhibition ran at Braemar Gallery, Springwood NSW 26 October-18 November 2023

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The COVID-19 pandemic with its lockdowns and isolation, saw the resurgence of domestic and nurturing skills traditionally seen as female. Using the medium of mosaic, A Stitch in Time reclaimed domestic activities, and examined our ambivalent responses to a period of enforced domesticity. I explored the tension between the familiar and the strange by rendering ordinary, common objects in unfamiliar materials and in various stages of completion and disintegration, enabling a different view of the everyday.

Escape Artists 

Escape Artists was a creative collaboration between contemporary mosaic artists Caitlin Hepworth and Marian Shapiro. They tell personal stories with universal relevance themed on Escape and Displacement, as well as extending the boundaries of and accessibility to mosaic art; an ancient artform with diverse contemporary application. Using the medium of contemporary mosaic they explore timeless themes by referencing physical and psychological states, covering distance and time from both personal and universal perspectives. 

The exhibition finished on 4 June 2023.  You can view our online artists talk HERE

Studio Visits

Studio visits available by appointment. I'm also happy to do zoom or facetime for possible commissions, or to send you pics if you are interested in existing work.  Contact me on or phone me on 0404 850 157

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